Rooms and Access

Kohort rooms are where conversations happen. Use them to capture important topics for upcoming meetings, jump into conversations, and easily catch up on meetings you might have missed.
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A room can be specific to a team, for all or certain types of team conversations, or for company-wide meetings such as town halls.
Rooms can be created on the Kohort home page, via the menu in the top right corner. You can choose to make the room open, private, or public.
Open rooms are visible to everyone in the organization when using Kohort with a Google Workspace. Anyone with a Google account in that workspace/domain can join conversations in them, see recorded meetings, and add or edit any meeting notes.
Private rooms are only visible to those that have been explicitly invited to them. You can add others to a private room after you create it, by clicking Manage Members above the members list in the room.
Public rooms can be accessed by anyone on the internet with a Google account.
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Click the Manager Members link in the room to see who has access, or to add others.
You can add external guests to Open or Private rooms if they have a Google account. This can be a Gmail address, or a user account in a different Google Workspace.
Note that Kohort doesn’t yet send invitation email, so you’ll have to share a link to the room with them.
External guests can add or edit meeting notes, view and delete recordings, but cannot change any room settings or manage members.